Complementary and Alternative Medicine

In complementary medicine, healing methods are used that stand by themselves but can also work in a complementary way to more classical ways of healing. These techniques often offer a valuable, powerful and less harmful alternative.

I treat every patient as a unique being, an individual striving for 'wholeness'. In my diagnosis I always take into consideration the background of specific health problems. These can also be of a psychological nature.

To restore the balance, to heal the patient and make him 'whole' again, I use complementary medical techniques like acupuncture, auriculotherapy, homeopathy, phytotherapy and nutritional supplements.

If necessary, I make use of classical methods and medication, because every serious working doctor uses ALL his knowledge to heal his patients.

My private practice is located near Ghent (Belgium) in the midst of the fields in a calming environment.

Dr.Rini Caduceus Verpraet
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